Welcome to my I need a job page!


Once upon a time in a far, far away land and mindset, I developed a distaste for rattlesnakes and so began my journey in programming. Now a milestone has been reached and it is time to offer my services to the world. So please discover why I would make a good addition to your team... and save me from those rattlesnakes.

  • Strong python and java skills
  • Data analysis with python
  • Machine and Deep Learning with tensorflow, keras, scikit, tensorflowJS and kaggle experience
  • Web development in python with flask
  • Strong sql skills. Postgres and mysql server.
  • Experienced with the essentials- git, linux, servers, docker, maven, C, javascript, ...
  • GIS and remote sensing- Qgis, Grass as well as terminal and open source python programming for remote sensing including lidar
  • Beginning with Spring framework and java web programming- Spring Boot, Spring Securtiy, ...
Looking for work that would hopefully allow me to further my interests in machine learning, remotely sensed data, and web development. But hey- just getting started. Got something good- let me know and thanks for your time.
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