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As a young kid from the south, I just loved Colorado while visiting on vacation, and I quickly decided that this the place for me- can't beat the climate, lack of bugs, and these wonderful mountains. After studying chemistry at the university in Boulder, I naturally found work as a carpenter and started a pizza shop in the mountains.

After many pizzas- a need for less human contact led to the purchase of a small ranch in SE Colorado. I raised bison for 18 years before an old back injury made me reconsider my future. During that time I helped a local land conservancy, Southern Plains Land Trust, by serving on their board for a decade and hosting many school groups and events for them. I also donated many dozens of bison to Indian tribes for food and to help start herds on their reservations, and worked with the Denver Indian Center to host gatherings and hunts. My ranch also served as a retirement facility for the Denver Zoo when they needed a home for their aging bison.

I moved back to the Front Range and, after being miserable selling real estate, I decided to learn 'programming'. I learned it from the internet and it was hard. I not only learned to program but also learned a bit about computer science and refreshed my math. Starting businesses, carpentry, and mostly ranching has honed what I think of as my best asset- problem-solving. I have found that I bring this asset to the world of programming as well. I am confident that my hard won abilities will score me a new future.

I am now living in Golden, Colorado. My current interests and hobbies include wilderness camping, inline skating, skiing, gardening, sailing, and keeping my border collie entertained.

Thanks for your time, BuffBob
aka Robert Alsobrook

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